• Enjoyment and culture in ancient walls

    Here the guest will finds cultivated hospitality and pretty half-timbered houses.
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  • Comedy cabaret in Weinhaus Henninger

    An evening in the Weinhaus Henninger Barrique vault to train to your laughter muscles
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  • History of the Henninger

    From stories told by my grandmother Luise, I know the history


Some people say that Kallstadt is too beautiful to be true. Locals simply shake their heads at such remarks. For them, Kallstadt always has been and should stay as it is. An idyllic wine village in the middle of the Palatinate, which keeps its feet firmly on the ground and everyone knows each other. Lovingly restored vineyards, half-timbered houses with splendid floral decorations and the historic lion fountain from the 18th century shape the special feel. The jewel and landmark is the baroque St. Salvator church with the historic Geib organ and the 36 m high, distinctive slate dome.

The church tower of Kallstadt greets you from near and far and after a nice walk through the sea of vines it shows you your way back to us.

Earning the right to be a famous Palatine - the Kallstadt "Saumagen" (pig stomach) This is the name of the highest location in the enchanting wine village. No one really knows how the name came about. With a little bit of imagination, you can certainly pick out an outline similar to a pig's stomach. Kallstadt not only has wonderful Saumagen in a glass, but also one you can eat, thanks to the legendary Henninger landlady Luise who made the "height of Palatinate charcuterie delights" presentable more than 100 years ago and turned the former poor people's food into a Palatinate delicacy.

In the middle of the Palatinate, directly on the German Wine Route and yet very close to the world. The proximity to Mannheim, Frankfurt/Main and nearby France makes it possible to combine business and relaxation, culture and nature in an ideal way. In Kallstadt an der Weinstraße you find yourself in the heart of Europe.