• Enjoyment and culture in ancient walls

    Here the guest will finds cultivated hospitality and pretty half-timbered houses.
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  • Comedy cabaret in Weinhaus Henninger

    An evening in the Weinhaus Henninger Barrique vault to train to your laughter muscles
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  • History of the Henninger

    From stories told by my grandmother Luise, I know the history

The wine paradise

Renowned vineyards, up-and-coming young winemakers and a bottle of cosiness.

The Palatinate people carry their hearts on their sleeves, they love the hearty Palatinate fare and the legendary "Pfälzer" - the well-filled half-litre glass that becomes the measure of all things for many a cheerful reveller enjoying the wine festival.

The Palatinate wine festivals are the best thing since the invention of wine and the Saumagen. An atmospheric meeting point for young and old, to see and be seen, combining Palatinate customs and the hippest party culture. The best thing about it is: Wine festival season starts in spring and continues on long into autumn.

In and around Kallstadt you will find quite a few of the best vineyards in Germany. In addition to the renowned, established top businesses with an international reputation, young, up-and-coming winegrowers ensure a great deal of dynamism in Germany's second largest wine-growing region. Experts consider the Palatinate to be one of the most exciting growing region in Germany