• Enjoyment and culture in ancient walls

    Here the guest will finds cultivated hospitality and pretty half-timbered houses.
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  • Comedy cabaret in Weinhaus Henninger

    An evening in the Weinhaus Henninger Barrique vault to train to your laughter muscles
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  • History of the Henninger

    From stories told by my grandmother Luise, I know the history

The nature paradise

The Palatinate is a paradise with a wealth of traditions and wonderfully varied nature: Gently rolling hills, lovely vineyard landscapes, picturesque villages - one more beautiful than the other. In the village squares, fountains ripple when the church tower bells ring and tractor engines hum.

The Palatinate Forest with its hidden valleys, clear streams and mythical secrets is the largest continuous forest area in Germany.

You will encounter a Mediterranean attitude to life at every turn in the Palatinate. Mediterranean plants such as palms, cypresses, fig and olive trees are ever-present. Between palms and the Palatinate forests, the region comes pretty close to paradise.