• Enjoyment and culture in ancient walls

    Here the guest will finds cultivated hospitality and pretty half-timbered houses.
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  • Comedy cabaret in Weinhaus Henninger

    An evening in the Weinhaus Henninger Barrique vault to train to your laughter muscles
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  • History of the Henninger

    From stories told by my grandmother Luise, I know the history


According to first records, the Henningers settled in Kallstadt in the 15th century. In 1615, the stately estate of the winegrowing family was built in the style of a Franconian farm.

In 1855 Johannes Henninger II recognised the opportunity, in economically difficult times, to market the yield of his vineyards directly and set up an inn in the rooms of the main house.

Weinhaus Henninger became famous far beyond the borders of the Palatinate thanks to the talented cook and legendary landlady Luise Henninger (1871-1951). She turned the modest vineyard bar into the place to come for good food and warm hospitality.

She was also the one who rediscovered the long-forgotten dish of Saumagen (pig stomach) and turned the former commoner's food into a Palatinate delicacy that today cannot be missing from any menu. In 1957 Luise's grandson Walter Henninger took over the management of the wine house and shaped the destiny of the traditional Palatinate house for over 45 years. In 2003, Walter Henninger leased his guest house to the young restaurateur Franz Weber.

In November 2010 Jochen Lampert bought Weinhaus Henninger, which was completely renovated in 2012 and expanded into a beautiful, exclusive country hotel, with the plan to successfully run this gem, preserving the tradition in a new and fresh way.

The task was to continue the business without a transition period, to retain the fantastic team, to reorganise many things and to build up concepts without the guest noticing the difference.

And so Mr Jochen Lampert took over the fate of Weinhaus Henninger and is now at your disposal alongside our manager and hostess Mrs Rita Sauer.